For adding new events

I have added a link directly under where the LibCal link is on our website, but you can also find it here, or by typing Once there you can login with the information:

Username: events 

password: *request from*

Once logged in you will see a page with all our events, and a button to "Add New" in multiple areas:

Inline image 1

After clicking the "Add New" button you will be greeted with features fairly similar to what LibCal had. The only fields required to publish an event are the Title and the Subject. However, two main fields I would strongly urge you to start using are the "Tags" and the "Event Categories" located on the right hand side of the page. I would mainly recommend these be used to tag your branch location specifically like so:

Inline image 2

but any other meta information you would like to add will serve to better promote that event, including aiding in Google search being able to find and properly bring that event to people who might search for it in Google.There is also a Featured Image option located on the right. This feature not only will feature the chosen image in the event post specifically, but also add it as a thumbnail to any place on the site where that event is shown. Although this is optional, if it is utilized it can bring better aesthetics to our website as a whole, and also servers to draw patron's eye to a specific event.Another optional feature that will aid in bringing patrons to the event is in the LOCATION section of the page, in the drop down there are options to select the specific address of the venue/library where the event is located. This will allow people to see it on a map in the event page, and also get directions to the event in Google Maps via a link. After finished with the event you hit the Publish button located at the top right of the page.

Let me know if you have any questions regarding this, or would like me to come in for more one - on - one training regarding these changes.