For adding new events

I have added a link directly under where the LibCal link is on our website, but you can also find it here, or by typing Once there you can login with the information:

Username: events 

password: *request from*

Once logged in you should see a button on the left labeled "Events":

After clicking the "Events" button you will taken to the Events page where all events should be located if you need to find them later. To post an event, click on the "Add New" button featured on the left and the top of the page:

Clicking that will bring you to a page where you will can add information about the event.  You will want to fill out a title with your library branch's name in it. For example "Summer Reading Program @MML" for Martin Memorial Library. The body can include any relevant information about the event.

On the right side of the page there is a box labeled "Event Categories" and in there you will also want to check which library branch the event is for, and any other categories you believe may apply.

There is also a Featured Image option located on the right. This feature not only will feature the chosen image in the event post specifically, but also add it as a thumbnail to any place on the site where that event is shown.

When you click "Set featured image" a box will display media that has previously been uploaded which can be used, or if you would like you can upload your own at the top of that box with the "Upload files" tab:

After that, there is some information you will want to set for the time and date bellow the body of the post:

There is currently an error displaying the next month, as you can see here that might make it difficult to click on specific dates, if you have this issue you can type the date in the box instead of clicking.

The "Venue" and "Organizer" is additional information that can be filled out if desired. When finished, on the top right of the page in the "Publish" box there is a publish button you can hit to complete the process.